Ioana Marubescu

Ioana Marinescu, the founder of Plush is a Formulation Pharmacist, Specialist in Evaluating & Preparing Dermato-Cosmetics.

Plush is extracted from beta-carotene, the main active ingredient in this product is in pure form, resulting in an anti-aging formula that meets the needs of even the most demanding skins. It is especially useful for people who smoke or work in closed environments.

During the routine with this product, it is recommended applying the Extreme Comfort – Mineral Protection UV +++ cream in the morning. It is not recommended to start the routine with Plush in combination with other external or internal therapies/routines with retinol, retinoic acid or retinoids. It is not recommended to start the routine with the product or to continue using it in the presence of irritated skin before these symptoms have regressed. In certain sensitive individuals, this product may induce severe local phenomena such as: erythema, swelling, itching, sensation of heat, burning or stinging, pustules, crusts and/or scaling, on the application portion. If the degree of local irritation persists, the person will be instructed to either apply the product less frequently or to temporarily discontinue application. If the person develops severe or persistent irritation, they will be advised to stop using the product completely. Extreme weather conditions such as wind, cold and low humidity can irritate the skin on which the product is applied and cause it to dry out. Exposure to solar radiation, including ultraviolet light lamps, may cause further irritation. A person with considerable exposure to the sun through professional duties and/or anyone inherently sensitive to solar radiation will take special precautions. When exposure to the sun cannot be avoided, it is recommended to use sunscreen products and clothing on the surfaces where the product is applied. Safety and efficacy in children has not been established.

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